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Surface Finish

Kinetic Composites can provide the following surface finishes for all compression laminated panels and some molded components:

Plain Weave is the most popular and recognizable finish: the "checkerboard" appearance easily demonstrates the presence of graphite in the product.   The smooth surface is generally finished with a high gloss that sets off other components in the final product.

surfaceglossy.jpg (20348 bytes)

surfacematte.jpg (16316 bytes)

Black Matte is achieved by using a very light-weight fiberglass scrim cloth in the outer layers.  The cloth can be pigmented or treated to achieve various visual effects.  Typically, the surface finish is smooth and high gloss.
Glitter Effects can be added to laminated panels and are available in a variety of sizes, colors and densities. Glitter is generally applied over a plain weave or matte outer layer and gloss finished to highlight the effect.

color1a.jpg (42768 bytes)

Peel Ply is used when a textured surface is desirable, such as knife handles and pistol grips.  Peel Ply finishes are also used in bonding applications to remove the need for sanding and increase contact surface area.  Peel Ply is available in both plain weave and matte.

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